Hi! I'm Kayla

Photography has always something that I've been interested in since a very early age. I remember buying my first Nikon cool pix camera that I had saved up for, and taking it with me everywhere I went. In high school, I had my start in film photography, learning the ins and outs of an old school camera while learning the art of developing film and making prints. I'd spend hours perfecting my skills and eventually turned over to digital photography. I moved up, got a dslr and took that baby with me everywhere. I had found my passion, but was too afraid to pursue it. I decided to go to school for psychology, although at the time I had no idea what I wanted to use that for and pretty much still don't. So while I tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life, my amazing husband saw my potential, and inspired me to continue in my first love. With the help of many, including some amazing photography teachers and friends, I am able to do what I love- to capture a moment for others, and give them something they'll be able to hold on to for a life time. I genuinely enjoy stealing those moments and creating something so beautiful for others to cherish. 

Some fun facts about me, I was born and raised in Brooklyn and still call it my home. I'm married to an amazing Filipino guy who totally supports any and all ideas I have. Other than photography I have a passion for baking (I still want to own a cupcake food truck one day), and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan to this day.