Hi, I'm Kayla!

I'm a dog loving, curly haired, wedding and lifestyle photographer (which you already knew). Over the years I've evolved from carrying around a Nikon point and shoot (which I saved all my birthday money for) to the photographer that I am today. Nothing gets me in my element more than taking photos. You know when you feel so comfortable doing something you love, you think to yourself, I just want to do this forever? Well I decided that it was totally worth it to give it a try and thats how I got here, photographing people like you! I truely desire to photograph your special moments, whether they are big or small.  Each one is equally as important and each one fits perfectly together to tell a story...your story! So tell me your story over a slice of pecan pie (my fav) or a cup of tea or whatever it is you like to consume when spending some time getting to know someone.  

Things to know- I currently live with my amazing husband in Brooklyn where I was born and raised. My other hobbies include listening to Hamilton the broadway musical (although I've never seen it). I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter (the books though the movies were pretty good), TWD, and GoT. Titanic is the best movie ever. I'm in love with any animal that has fur, and I still have a dream of selling cupcakes out of my own food truck one day.