Hi, I'm Kayla!

Photography has always been a love of  mine. It really started early on in high school. I was that friend who would walk around school with a small point and shoot camera taking photos of literally everything. As I got older, I realized I could be taking more interesting photos and so I started learning about film photography which I quickly fell in love with. It was so satisfying seeing my images appear right before my eyes. I spent hours in the dark room just playing with the images. It was almost therapeutic for me. Even now there is nothing that makes me feel more comfortable at what I do than taking photos. I truly enjoy photographing people's emotions and freezing it through a lens. As a photographer, my goal is to have you look back at a photo and remember a feeling.  If I'm able to capture that in an image, then I believe I'm doing my job right. 

I live with my amazing husband in Brooklyn where I was born and raised. My other hobbies include listening to Hamilton the broadway musical (although I've never seen it, but it's bomb). I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter (book worm), TWD, and GoT. (If you're a fan too you'll know what these mean).  Titanic is the best movie ever. I'm in love with any animal that has fur, and I want to sell cupcakes out of my own food truck one day. 


Photo thanks to my wonderful mentor Cadence Kennedy