Saul & Chanelle's Central Park Engagement

Last weekend I had the privilege of doing an engagement session for not just anyone, but my very good friends Saul & Chanelle. If there is anything I love about this couple, it is their fun spirit and their willingness to do almost anything (including walk for hours in heels). For their engagement, they decided they wanted to have Central Park as their backdrop, and you can't really go wrong with that. We were a bit early for the flowers to bloom, but that didn't matter because Chanelle's beautiful dress did the job for us! I can't begin to tell you how classy they are. Their coordination skills are on point!  Their shoot was so effortless. I really cannot wait for their multicultural Mexican wedding, and to see Saul arrive to the wedding on his horse...just kidding! 

Hello 2017!

With 2016 just about over, it's time to ring in the new year! I can definitely say that I am so ready for 2017,  its going to be great! I'll be starting a new job in the photography industry which I'm super excited about. Not to mention, I've booked a few upcoming weddings this year already! Who would have thought that a year ago my photography would have come this far in such a short period of time? I never in my wildest dreams could have thought that I would be pursuing a career in photography, a dream I had ever since I was a kid. All I can say is that I'm super grateful for everything that has happened this year and the opportunities I had. Thank you to every single person who has helped me along the way, everyone from my husband, who convinced me I could actually do this, to my high school photo teacher Cadence who took me under her wing and introduced me to wedding photography, to my aunt Anne & her husband for giving me the tools I need to take beautiful pictures, and for friends and family who took the time to look at my work. I am forever grateful...

Now onto some pretty pictures. My friend Melina, yea, you've probably seen her in a bunch of my photos, well she's a fashion and beauty blogger and she had a great idea to do a new years eve styled shoot. So we got her boyfriend on board and got a sweet hook up to use the penthouse of a manhattan hotel (shout out to the papa dukes) and spent the afternoon hanging out on a rooftop. And well these are the results:

And if you're interested in her blog Mod-lina, check it out here.

Umberto & Sausha's LIC Engagement

I'm so excited for this blog post because Sausha & Umberto's shoot was so special! They braved the cold to go to our first stop which was Gantry state park in Queens. It was one of the first places they visited when they moved to New York City from Chicago. I love going there for the amazing view of the NYC skyline and they do to! It was the perfect way to celebrate their love of New York. Our next stop was Queens college where Umberto is currently studying. Their second outfit was adorable, sporting their favorite baseball teams. Umberto is a die hard Chicago Cubs fan (they won the world series this year in case you missed it) and Sausha's is the Detroit Tigers, her hometown. I learned a lot about the Cubs during this shoot which was very interesting! We had a lot of fun walking around the beautiful campus and finding little spots that were special to them! I can't wait for their wedding next year!

Jon & Kiana's Brooklyn Bridge Engagement

I'm at that time in my life where you know you're getting older because all of your friends are getting engaged!! And I can't complain about that! I was thrilled to find out about Jon & Kiana's engagement and even more thrilled when they asked me to capture such an important time in their lives. We had so much fun walking around Dumbo Brooklyn (which was their first time in the borough!). Congrats to these two, and I can't wait for the wedding!

Meliza & Alex's Couple Session

I had so much fun a few weeks ago, photographing this energetic and not to mention cute couple, Meliza and Alex. They were chosen to receive a complimentary couples session, and they chose to have their shoot at Gantry State park in Long Island City Queens. It was a bit gloomy but the rain held out for us and we had a great location, with a beautiful backdrop of the city, and hidden gems of greenery within the park. I had such a fun time following these two around in their favorite place, plus they were so easy to photograph and definitely weren't afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. And they brought me the best dessert from Martha's Bakery as a thank you! They are truly a sweet couple and I'm so excited to share their session with you all! 

Tea Time Styled Shoot

When I first started doing photography, I must admit I had no idea what a styled shoot was. As I heard more about it, I thought maybe I should do one. A styled shoot for those of you who are reading this and may not be familiar with it is literally a shoot that many creative folks have come together to arrange. A lot goes into a shoot like this. A photographer, florist, jeweler, event planner, makeup artist, and of course the model are all key to making a vision like this come to life. I happened to have the opportunity to work with some amazing ladies that does all these. They helped me create this vision that was classic and elegant, with a bit of floral charm in the mix. We had the opportunity to shoot in the sweetest little tea house out in Oakhurst N.J. The invitations happened to go perfectly with the tea sets we used, and the jewelry and dresses just pulled the whole thing together. I had such a great time and I can't wait for the next styled shoot! List of amazing boss babes or for a more professional term "vendors" listed below.

Event Planner:




Model:  Giselle Montegrosso

MUA: Karla Osorio

Art: artbymegan

Bridal gowns provided by Lovely Bride



Beach Babe

As I write this post, I can't help but think how we're rounding out our last weeks of summer. This is the worst time of year for me. No more late night walks, picnics, beach days, or warm but fierce rainstorms. Growing up in NYC I can tell you we have hot, sticky, and humid summers where you find yourself running from one subway car to the next in search of air-conditioning. But with the summer season coming to a close, all I could do was take advantage of these last few weeks of summer the best way I knew how: beach photoshoot! Nothing is more satisfying than waking up in the wee hours of the morning and successfully catching the morning light. We got there just in time before the sun was to high in the sky and early beachgoers made their way to the shore. This was my first time doing a morning shoot which was a bit nerve racking literally racing against the clock, but it was totally worth it. Not to mention I had an amazing subject with amazing sense of summer fashion. Here's to you summer, see you next year! 

The amazing model featured below is Melina Castillo. If you're wondering where you've seen her before it was here. She has her own lifestyle blog where you can find all things fashion, makeup, and diy here.

Mateo & Jacqueline

Mateo & Jacqueline's intimate elopement was nothing short of perfect. They celebrated their  wedding day in the best way they knew how, in a lush scenery to set the tone, with a small group of family and friends. The entire day was filled with elegance. From her dress, to his shoes, to the decor of their dinner table, it was everything you'd expect to see at a wedding only in a more intimate setting, and they did a great job capturing that feeling! There was nothing but joy from this couple and may I add they were so fun to photograph! Their kindness and love for one another shows through each and every photo. Congrats to the new couple! 

Ryan & Kirsten

I had such a great experience as a second shooter for Cadence Kennedy at the incredible wedding of Ryan and Kirsten. I didn't realize it, but I was in for a special treat with this one. Considering that this was my first time as a second shooter, I didn't really know what to expect. Although I was quite nervous, I quickly got in the zone, and the shoot turned out amazing. This opportunity definitely set the tone for my love of photography, and even more so, specifically photographing weddings. The wedding was at a stunning location at the Tappan Hill Mansion in the Hudson Valley, with overlooking a beautiful sunset view during the ceremony and a reception that was filled with family and friends who clearly know how to have fun. Congrats to these two! I am looking forward to participating in many more weddings to come!

David & Estefania

The elopement of David & Estefania was definitely memorable, not only because it was my first elopement session but because I could really sense a deep love between the two and their families. There was nothing but joy and excitement here, and what better way to become one than with a small and intimate wedding with your closest friends and family, not to mention on a beautiful gazebo on the most perfect day. They are the perfect example of how you can make a small wedding into the most magical of days. Best of luck to them!

NYC Street Shoot

Ok so if you follow my blog, you know that I love walking around the city (or anywhere) and taking photos of anyone who is willing to let me tell them how to pose and where to look. This girl right here volunteered and we had nothing but FUN during this shoot! There is nothing this girl wouldn't do to get a perfect shot! This is Kiana, a 23 year old with a lot of personality and a big heart. Originally from Cali, she grew up with her mom and sister in Orange County. She's a lover of the arts, including singing and dancing (I've herd her singing..its on point), and she's a gymnast. She JUST moved to New York only two weeks ago (she fits right in obviously) to help women all over the city build a relationship with God. She wants to be a light to others in any way that she can, believing that outward beauty attracts people but inward beauty sustains healthy relationships. Definitely looking forward to our next shoot!

Ben & Anne's Anniversary Shoot

This anniversary shoot happens to be pretty special. Not only is did Ben & Anne celebrate their fourteenth wedding anniversary, but they allowed their niece (me) to capture their special moments.  Strolling through the heart of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I was able to capture this fun couple who enjoy a little joke here and there. They definitely know how to have fun. Im so glad I was able to capture their love and joy for one another. Congrats to them, and here is to many more years together!

Melina's City Shoot

There's nothing I love more than walking around the city (nyc)while feeling like a million bucks. Thats exactly what was going on here for this shoot, can't you tell? I had so much fun with this girl Melina! She's definitley fun, outgoing, and obviously has a lot of style. Be sure to check out her lifestyle blog, where she shares tips on fashion, makeup, diy, and cooking. This girl is talented.

Mother- Daughter Shoot

This past week, my husbands family was visiting from the Philippines. We had a lot of things going on while they were here, including a fun 50th surprise party for his mom! After all the food and fun, I thought we could squeeze in a little shoot with his aunt and her daughters. They're the funniest little family, especially the little one. Considering the time we had, and the fun distractions going on (cousins present, and playgrounds) I thought I'd share some of the fun family moments I caught. 

Janet & Giovanni- Family shoot

I had the privilege of working with Janet and her fun energetic grandson Giovanni. As soon as they arrived we took off for the playground and went from there. This was my first time photographing a child at play and boy was it new! I didn't mind getting down and dirty in the sand with Gio or following him onto the play place or down the slide. I got to spend an hour as a kid again! Many thanks to them both!