Umberto & Sausha's LIC Engagement

I'm so excited for this blog post because Sausha & Umberto's shoot was so special! They braved the cold to go to our first stop which was Gantry state park in Queens. It was one of the first places they visited when they moved to New York City from Chicago. I love going there for the amazing view of the NYC skyline and they do to! It was the perfect way to celebrate their love of New York. Our next stop was Queens college where Umberto is currently studying. Their second outfit was adorable, sporting their favorite baseball teams. Umberto is a die hard Chicago Cubs fan (they won the world series this year in case you missed it) and Sausha's is the Detroit Tigers, her hometown. I learned a lot about the Cubs during this shoot which was very interesting! We had a lot of fun walking around the beautiful campus and finding little spots that were special to them! I can't wait for their wedding next year!

Kayla Mendija1 Comment