Vince & Erica's Prospect Park Engagement

This engagement session is by far one of my favorites. I had the opportunity to photograph in Prospect Park, which is such a beautiful place in the heart of Brooklyn and is often overlooked and overshadowed by Manhattan's Central Park. There are so many hidden gems here, and I was so excited to shoot there, that I had gone a day earlier to scout the land. When Vince and Erica reached out to me, they told me they were not really city people but that they were outdoorsy  and really loved nature. Of course this is the first place that came to mind when I thought about nature in the city. We took a stroll through the park and stopped at the Prospect Park boat house which sits on a lake. It was really the most romantic place to be, especially with the sun setting behind them. These two were not at all afraid to let their playful side show through and quickly got the hang of me being in front of them with a camera in their face! I can not wait to return to this beautiful park and to see these two married! 

Kayla MendijaComment