Ostrom holiday session

Meet Joe, Jasmine, Violet, & Luke. Their holiday session was nothing short of sweet and it could not be filled with more cuteness. We had so much fun walking through Mutton town Preserve in Long Island despite the cold. I think they forgot how much they were cold because of how much fun they were having. It really made for some fun sweet moments together.   

Rafi, Sarah, & Oliver

If you know me well, you'll know that I LOVE dogs. My heart goes out to every dog I pass on the street. I actually have a dog, his name is Gus (you may have seen him on my Instagram) but he lives with my parents in Long Island so I don't get as much puppy love as I'd like. But when Sarah & Rafi asked me if they could bring their pup along for a family holiday session I responded with heck yes! The pup of their hearts is named Oliver and he is a rescue dog. He is a little shy and timid but he is so incredibly sweet (just like his parents). We took a stroll in Prospect Park Brooklyn where he ran and played and possibly even pooped in the warm autumn leaves. More doggie session are definitely on my 2018 goals list.