Tim & Gabriela's Intimate Seaside Wedding

Tim & Gabriela got married on November 25, 2017 in beautiful Cancun Mexico. It was the most beautiful intimate wedding I've ever attended or photographed. Only the closest of family and friends were there to celebrate such a special occasion.

 Gabby was my best friend in high school, although the friendship started much earlier than that. I met Gabby when I moved to Long Island at the age of 13. She was one of my first friends and our friendship has lasted ever since. I can't tell you how many memories I have made with this crazy girl and if I could share old myspace photos in this post I sure would (though I'm going to spare you from the gelled down hair, big earrings and throwback photo poses). From our Twilight crazed phase to our many many sleepovers, to Gabby teaching me how to use a razor because I was terrified of using one, this girl has always been by my side. I'd crash her Italian class during my free period (which somehow the teacher was totally fine with) just so we could hang out. We share so many memories together!  But enough about us I mean, this is a post about her and her boo after all!  

Gabby & Tim have been together since high school, when we were just seniors. They were inseparable and made it through the ups and downs of high school and even had a long distance relationship while Tim went off to the military after graduation. These two are so loyal to each other that literally nothing, I mean nothing could get in between them.  It was so special for me to capture this day for them. We spent the whole weekend in Cancun just celebrating their relationship with the best of friends. It was one of the most memorable weekends of my life and I am truly honored I was able to share their wedding day joy in more ways than one!  

Mateo & Jacqueline

Mateo & Jacqueline's intimate elopement was nothing short of perfect. They celebrated their  wedding day in the best way they knew how, in a lush scenery to set the tone, with a small group of family and friends. The entire day was filled with elegance. From her dress, to his shoes, to the decor of their dinner table, it was everything you'd expect to see at a wedding only in a more intimate setting, and they did a great job capturing that feeling! There was nothing but joy from this couple and may I add they were so fun to photograph! Their kindness and love for one another shows through each and every photo. Congrats to the new couple!