My First European Destination Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I think it’s safe to say that every wedding photog dreams of shooting a wedding in Europe. It is #goals for pretty much anyone in the wedding industry. But to be honest, I didn’t expect it to happen to me in only the second year of my business, and here we are, it’s 2019 and I’m blogging about my first European destination wedding.

My friends Lisa & Richard were long distance dating for about a year. He lived in London while she was here in NY. One week he came to visit and we all went out for dinner, and I jokingly said that if they do get married and have their wedding in Europe I’d totally be their photographer. I had no idea that Richard (who is actually from Hungary) was planning to propose a few months after I had said that. And later that year in December I found myself on a flight to Budapest for the first time ever. It was everything I could have imaged.

The venue was an old mansion that belonged to an old Hungarian family that goes back to the 18th century. It was converted into a hotel but still retained some of the rooms as part of a museum. It was full of treasures left behind from the family including personal items, clothing, typewriters, etc. This wedding was special because I am actually really good friends with the couple. Lisa is by far the goofiest bride I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I especially loved her request for a goofy shot before the first look which I’m sure you’ll catch below. But she was such a beautiful and classic bride. As for Richard, he was as dapper as could be. Lisa was walked down the aisle by her son Justin who also shared a teary-eyed first look with his mom and her maid of honor was her gorgeous daughter Juliana. Everything from start to finish was so special and beautiful. Because it was a destination wedding, it was intimate with only the very closest family and friends in attendance.

This wedding will be forever special to me and my career as a wedding photographer. It has given me a desire to experience more weddings abroad as well as the cultural experiences that come with shooting in different countries. I know this career of mine will certainly continue to take me places. Congrats again to Lisa and Richard and a huge thank you to them for giving me the honor of capturing their fairy tale wedding!

P.S Did I mention they’re expecting their first child in September! *Gasp!!! Congrats to them!

I'm moving to Spain!

I’m just kidding, I’m not moving to Spain but I’d definitely consider it! If you're not a fan of artsy fartsy photos of breathtaking landscapes, gothic architecture, or charming city streets, this post is not for you. If those are things you live for then keep scrolling. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting my first every European wedding in Hungary. This post is not about that, but stay tuned! After Hungary, I traveled to Spain, specifically Barcelona, with stops in Murcia to visit my best friend and a day trip in Cartagena. Let me tell you, as soon as I returned, I started convincing my husband that we had to move to Barcelona. I was completely in love with the city. Every single thing about it. For starters, it’s a commuter city. You can get around on the bus, subway, bike, legs, Vespa, you name it. Having grown up in Brooklyn, I am easily attracted to large cities as long as they have subway systems. I walked through many different neighborhoods, the Gothic Quarter and La Gracia just to name a few of my favorites. There are literally artists around every corner and did I mention that it was 60 degrees in Barcelona every day? I mean is that a good enough reason to up and move there? There is just so much to do and see I could have easily stayed there for a whole week.

I was able to practice my Spanish while I was abroad (it’s not perfect but I think I did pretty well). Barcelona was once a separate nation called Catalonia, and almost everyone there speaks Spanish and Catalan. The two languages are very similar but you can definitely pick up the differences if you are a native Spanish speaker. Coffee and tapas were part of our everyday life there during our trip, which I very much enjoyed and quickly got used to. In Barcelona, you can visit the Picasso Museum and see much of his original work. I hit up the History Museum of Catalonia and La Sagrada Family which is the most detailed cathedral I have ever seen. I have included some images below.

After two days in Barcelona, I made my way down south to Murcia to visit my friend who is currently working abroad. (She made an appearance in a few of these photos.) She took me on a day trip with her boyfriend Cartagena, a city only 45 minutes away. Cartagena was especially cool because it had a lot more historical sites. (I happen to be a huge history nerd.) The city was once occupied by the Romans back in the day and so there is still Roman architecture standing that has been well preserved, including an amphitheater and a road that was built all the way back in 2AD! The city has preserved both of these sites for visitors to see, and the theatre and its ruins are pictured below.

Walking is one of my favorite things to do especially in warm weather, so think of this blog post as a visual journal of what I saw throughout my trip. I am so incredibly grateful to have seen such a beautiful place. It is somewhere I would go back to in a heartbeat. So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking of having your wedding in Spain or want to do your engagement session in an epic location, I’m your girl! I hope you enjoy these photos from my travels and I promise there will be more to come! Thanks for reading, on to my next adventure!